Wednesday, April 29, 2009


i am so over computers!!!! anyway i know that april is over...well pretty much .....but i don't want to mess up our comp by not posting somthing for april for you all to make up for april..and to make it easy to catch up i have simply posted these sketches for you to choose from ...sorry for the ramdom placing..they just don't want to load any otherway...anyway you have until the end of may to complete 3 april challenges.......

i will post may challenges friday night....yes i am going to actually post may's on the first like i am suppose to!!! woohoo!!!!


  1. Jules -- just what I need to kick my mojo into high gear -- I am now stalking ooops I mean following you here LOL

  2. cool not a problem at all...great to have you ...can't wait to see what you create honey..xx